Topics of the conference:  Research papers are invited  not only from the following topics but also from all branches of Engineering,Technology  Science, Languages and Management (IT Applications)

1.     Topics of the Conference


Research papers are invited not only from the following topics but also from all branches of Engineering, Science, Technology, Management, Life Sciences & Humanities

 (IT- Applications)


Track-1 Science and Technology


Ø Aeronautical Engineering

Ø Agricultural Engineering         

Ø Artificial Intelligence   

Ø Architecture & Design  

Ø Automobile Engineering  

Ø Big Data & Analytics  

Ø Biomedical Engineering  

Ø Chemical Engineering  

Ø Chemistry  

Ø Civil Engineering  

Ø Computer Science   

Ø Design Thinking  

Ø Education  

Ø Electronics & Communication

Ø Electrical & Electronics

Ø Food Technology

Ø Human Computer Systems 

Ø Information Technology  

Ø Instrumentation Engineering  

Ø Intelligent Computing 

Ø Internet of Things

Ø Machine & Deep Learning  

Ø Management

Ø Mathematics  

Ø Mechanical Engineering  

Ø Mechatronics Engineering  

Ø Nano Technology 

Ø Physics  

Ø Petroleum  

Ø Science and Humanities

Ø Textile Engineering 

Ø Virtual Reality



Track-2 Life Science

Ø Alternative Energy and Green Technology

Ø Application Biotechnology, Antibiotics and Molecular Biology

Ø Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Conservation

Ø Bioinformatics and Data Mining

Ø Cryptogamic Botany

Ø Ecology and Environmental Pollution

Ø Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetics

Ø Food Technology and Nutritive Biology

Ø Plant and Animal Systematic

Ø Pharmacology and Phytochemistry

Ø Pandemic Diseases and Health Care

Ø Recent trends in Microbiology and Biochemistry

Ø Stress Physiology, Palentology & Embryology

Ø System of medicines and Nanotechnology


Track-3 Commerce and Management and Humanities


Ø Customer Experience CX

Ø Digital Transformation

Ø Digital Disruption

Ø Entrepreneurism and Business Growth

Ø Hybrid Engagement Skills

Ø Leadership in Turbulent Times

Ø Leisure, Recreation & Sports

Ø Mental Health and Wellness

Ø Medical Sociology

Ø Migration & Immigration

Ø Myth & Folklore Risk Mitigation and Management

Ø Marketing and Branding

Ø Peace & War

Ø Political Sociology

Ø Population

Ø Poverty & Wealth

Ø Punishment, Incarceration & Rehabilitation

Ø Productivity & WFH Work Methods

Ø Sociology of The Family & Childhood

Ø Systems of Government

Ø Strategy and Short-term Planning

Ø Teamwork & WFH Performance Topics

Ø Technology Updates

Ø Urban Sociology

Ø Violence

Ø Work & Employment Relations

Ø Workforce Diversity & Equality

Ø Women in Leadership