RSP Science hub is a private research society operating with the primary aim of serving as a bridge for millions of young people, researchers, educators, scientists, and academics around the country in engineering and technology. The Research Society is at the forefront of all these events, from arranging conferences and encouraging publishing promising research papers to nurturing young minds by helping to spread essential knowledge! One of the Research Society’s goals is to bridge the gap between established and young researchers, scholars seeking to expand their knowledge base, spread awareness of their extraordinary research work, and further their career prospects. In short, the RSP science hub research society aims to improve the status of existing R&D operations in all respects. Believe that closely mentored students can produce positive outcomes. The faculty mentors of the management department also promote the interest of their students by encouraging them to pursue individual projects, attending management meetings, industrial competitions, excelling in paper presentations and the publishing of research papers in renowned journals. Our practices, such as sports, culture and yoga, have also promoted excellence. Technical Conference, Management Fest and Sports & Cultural Conference are held each year to show their skills and inspire participants to engage in other university activities.