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All the accepted papers will be published in the International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub (IRJASH)


International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub (IRJASH) is a reputable venue for publishing innovative ideas, state-of the-art research results and fundamental advances on all subjects relevant to Advancements in Sciences. The objective of this journal is to afford an international platform for engineers, researchers and academicians all over the world to promote, share and discuss various innovations and progress in the field of science and technology. This journal aims to encourage deeper understanding and greater effectiveness in the theory analysis and engineering application relevant to advancements in science and Technology.e-ISSN:2582 – 4376. 
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All the accepted papers will be published in International Research Journal with Google Scholar indexed in CROSSREF DOI & Selected Papers will be published in Scopus Index Book Chapters at additional Cost.

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[Author Max : 5, Pages no limitations, Publication : 1 month, 100% Google Scholar Indexing with DOI]
All Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science & Humanities, Mathematics, Life Science, Social Science and Management

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[Author Max : 5, Plag less than 15%, Pages no limitations, Publication : 6 to 8 months, 100% Scopus Indexing with ISBN, DOI ]
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Serverless Computing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Green Computing, Blockchain Technology, Deep Learning, Microgrid power systems, Power Electronics, Industry 5.0, Automation, Composites, structural systems, Nanomaterials, Fuel Cell Vehicles, Electric Vehicles. , Higher Education, outcome-based
education, Consumer Relations, National Education Policy, Leadership,
Emerging Trends in Business & Marketing, Business
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Innovations in Teaching Practices, Digital
Banking, Financial and Economic Analysis, Agricultural Technology, Digital Health Care.